Two of the things I’ve been doing as long I can remember are playing DnD and sewing, why not combine them?

This is a series of thought experiments about the fashions in Golarion (the default campaign setting for the Pathfinder RPG).  The idea stemmed from a combination of following The Dreamstress’s Historical Sew Fortnightly and annoying the players in my Pathfinder game with way too many details about what my NPCs are wearing.

The Dreamstress’s HSF consists of a series of 24 challenges over a year.  Each on has a specific, but fairly open focus (some challenges have been “Pink”, “Innovation”, “Art”). To participate, you choose a garment which meets the focus, post some research into it (origins, construction technique, etc), and sew it up. Unfortunately, my sewing time is spoken for at them moment, so I won’t be doing much on the sewing side, just the research side.

Other features include:  “What would the Evil Queen of X Wear” and whatever else is rattling around in my head.

Like Spinal Tap, this blog continues to fill a much needed void.

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