That Hat — Part 3

(Who knew there was a part 3?)

A couple of weeks ago, I spent 3 awesome days at PAX East doing what I do best: playing Pathfinder and looking at hats.  No really. Who would have expected a gaming con to sell Awesome Adventuring (well, if you’re from Taldor, anyway) Hats?

That HatThe folks at The Blonde Swan were selling (along with their fezzes and steampunk goggles) feathered hats in fashionable colours.  They have better pictures on their site so go check them out (NAYY), but here’s a super grainy phone pic. Pretty close to the original, no?  Except the colour and the small brim.  Luckily, they also had a mauve one, like the wizard’s.

It was definitely the most unexpected thing I saw at PAX.


That Hat — Part 2

In the first post about That Hat, I engaged in idle speculation of the origins of the hat, but that ends now that I have the adventure.

I got my copy of “The Half Dead City” today, and (of course) the first thing I did was flip to the magic items section to see what magical properties That Hat had. Alas, That Hat is not magical. It belongs to an NPC (a wizard) who has a stat block, and no magic hat listed.

Here is the Truly Important (read: Fashion Related) information from her bio:

[she] eschews court gowns in favor of a Taldan dandy’s idea of an adventurer’s outfit. (Half-Dead City, by Jim Groves. pg 59)

Nailed It! Hats Off (Ha!) to whoever designed her look, and to the artists who brought her to life in the AP. She looks fantastically impractically foppish.

The only way That Hat would be more epic, is if it was being worm by a flumph.

If I wanted to declare That Hat to be magical, here’s how I would re-fluff wizard spells to use That Hat. These came from the generic wizard spell list, so don’t take them as spoilers as to which spells she has.

  • Charm Person/Hypnotism/Sleep — The target is distracted and enthralled by That Hat. (Hmm…. I must have failed my saving throw). The undulating movement of the feather in an unseen wind commands the target’s attention.
  • Comprehend Languages — The end of feather on That Hat inserts itself in the caster’s ear, and whispers translations, like a Bablefish.
  • Disguise Self/Alter Self — That Hat wraps itself around the caster’s face and moulds itself into the desired disguise.
  • Eagle’s Splendor — That Hat reveals itself in its true glory, granting a CHA bonus to the wearer.
  • Endure Elements — That Hat is well insulated in the winter and it’s massive surface dissipates heat in the summer.
  • Erase — The feather sweeps away the target writing.
  • Floating Disk — That Hat can magically float carrying a load.
  • Hiedeous Laughter — The target it tickled by the That Hat’s feather.
  • Mount — Assuming the caster isn’t worried about looking magical, That Hat expands and functions like a flying carpet.
  • Obscure Object/Nondetection — Putting That Hat over an object blocks scrying.
  • Prestidigitation — When the wearer of That Hat casts prestigitation to clean, the feather extends (as if it’s not long enough) and acts like a feather duster. Perfect for exploring dusty, old Osirian tombs.
  • Shield/Mage Armour/Protection From Arrows — That Hat swoops down in front of the caster, blocking missiles and attacks.

That’s levels 1 and 2.  Any ideas for 3 and higher?

That Hat

That Hat

“The Half-Dead City” Cover

The cover (by Tyler Jacobson) of the first book in The Mummy’s Mask AP was unveiled to gasps of “That Hat!”  And not just from me.  My hastily cropped and shrunk version can’t possibly do it justice, go look at the original.  It’s worth it.  Yes, the hat is fantastic, but everything else about her clothes are equally fantastic.

My initial reaction to this outfit was “Cavalier” (no, not Alain), but thinking harder, the influences are more varied than that, but all around the 17th century.  I was blinded by the feather and the turned down boots (and gloves). The shorter, fuller breeches look inspired by the earlier 17th century, as opposed to the later 17th century Cavalier inspiration of the overall look.

Cavalier Fashion

Portrait of Lord John Stuart and his brother Lord Bernard Stuart (Anthony van Dyck)

She would easily fit in with these two, if her pants covered her knees and her spats were actually boots. And she had more lace. (And no self-respecting Cavalier would be seen with pulled-back hair)

I’m really curious what the bottom of her jacket looks like.  I wish she wasn’t holding a book in front.  Is it squared off, like the tiny bolero she’s wearing?  Does it flounce into a semi bustle and cascade down her legs? Does it just angle back from the from opening into the tail we can see?  If this AP follows the patters of the previous ones, she’s a major character throughout the all 6 volumes.  So with any luck we’ll see more her in more art.

Researching this page I found a great side-by-side from A Chichi Life of the Dior 2009 Spring and works from the Dutch Masters.

All I can say about this look from that Dior collection is: “That Hat!”

Dior Hat

Christian Dior, Spring 2009 Couture (from

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