Dress the Iconics — Kess

I’m trying to catch up with the playing imaginary paper dolls with the new iconics. My week-away-from-the-internet vacation got me behind by three.  Somehow.

Next up: Kess — the Brawler.  For the first time, Wayne Reynolds (the artist behind all the Iconics and a lot of the other Pathfinder art) dropped into the discussion to explain his design process a little bit.  Interesting and informative, I hope he does more of that.

Since my vacation took me to the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit in London (among other fashion locations — who wants to see all 650 pictures of pretty clothes?),  Kess is going to get the Gaultier treatment.  Trust me, it’s not as strange as it sounds.  (If I wasn’t on a Gautier kick, she probably would have gotten Roberto Cavalli or Commes des Garçons)


Basket woven brown leather, from JPG’s Spring 2010 Couture collection. Also, that hat looks like it protect against punches.

Final question about Kess:  Is she wearing Valeros‘s pants?

Gaultier and others chosen for Kess on Pinterest.


Dress the Iconics — Jirelle

We got our first look at the one of the iconics from the upcoming Advanced Class Guide this week. Jirelle, the swashbuckler (gunslinger/fighter mix).  She looks amazing and has a really cool story to boot. Speaking of boots….. aren’t they awesome?

As pointed out in the discussion, there’s almost as much Taldor in her outfit as The Shackles.

jirelle_litThis is the most literal interpretation of her look I found, without going full-on pirate couture. (*cough* McQueen Spring 2003 *cough* Gaultier Spring 2008 Ready to Wear) This is from L’Wren Scott’s Spring 2010 Collection. Give her a cape and boots, and she IS Jirelle.  Light puffy sleeves under leather armor.  Rows and rows of covered buttons. The requisite pop of colour.



jirelleChoosing from the more literal pirate couture looks, I’m going with this from Jean Paul Gaultier’s Fall 2004 Couture collection. Boots, gloves, hat, cape, sufficiently worn in-looking.  Sadly, she would not fit in in Taldor.





More swashbucklery goodness, courtesy of L’Wren Scott:

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(Fall 2007 Ready to Wear, Fall 2013 Ready to Wear, Spring 2008 Ready to Wear)

00100fullscreenL’Wren Scott really captures the swashbuckler essence.  Even her super girly, pink suits have a swagger to them. I can’t quite imagine Jirelle as a Lady who Lunches, but if she was, she’d wear this.  Such is the power of the jaunty hat.  Like the first image, this is from Scott’s 2010 Spring collection.




The oblig. pinterest board with other Jirelle appropriate outfits.

First of the Empyreal Lords

I didn’t originally have plans to do Evil Empyreal Lords along with the Evil Queens, but these dresses required it.  These aren’t meant to represent the specific Empyreal Lords, just Earthly reinterpretations of the Gods.

desna shelyn

These are (obviously) for Desna and Shelyn.  Desna’s (on the left), came from Jean Paul Gaultier’s Spring 2014 collection. Shelyn’s came from Alexander McQueen’s 2003 Spring collection.