That Hat

That Hat

“The Half-Dead City” Cover

The cover (by Tyler Jacobson) of the first book in The Mummy’s Mask AP was unveiled to gasps of “That Hat!”  And not just from me.  My hastily cropped and shrunk version can’t possibly do it justice, go look at the original.  It’s worth it.  Yes, the hat is fantastic, but everything else about her clothes are equally fantastic.

My initial reaction to this outfit was “Cavalier” (no, not Alain), but thinking harder, the influences are more varied than that, but all around the 17th century.  I was blinded by the feather and the turned down boots (and gloves). The shorter, fuller breeches look inspired by the earlier 17th century, as opposed to the later 17th century Cavalier inspiration of the overall look.

Cavalier Fashion

Portrait of Lord John Stuart and his brother Lord Bernard Stuart (Anthony van Dyck)

She would easily fit in with these two, if her pants covered her knees and her spats were actually boots. And she had more lace. (And no self-respecting Cavalier would be seen with pulled-back hair)

I’m really curious what the bottom of her jacket looks like.  I wish she wasn’t holding a book in front.  Is it squared off, like the tiny bolero she’s wearing?  Does it flounce into a semi bustle and cascade down her legs? Does it just angle back from the from opening into the tail we can see?  If this AP follows the patters of the previous ones, she’s a major character throughout the all 6 volumes.  So with any luck we’ll see more her in more art.

Researching this page I found a great side-by-side from A Chichi Life of the Dior 2009 Spring and works from the Dutch Masters.

All I can say about this look from that Dior collection is: “That Hat!”

Dior Hat

Christian Dior, Spring 2009 Couture (from

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