Thinking Too Hard

This is where I think way too hard about Golarion fashion.

Golarion is the default setting for the Pathfinder RPG.  I currently DM a semi regular game (Rise of the Runelords) and annoy my players with overly detailed descriptions of the clothes in the adventure.

The starting point is Dreamstress’s The Historical Sew Fortnightly.  She challenges and encourages her readers to research a topic in historical fashion, blog about it, and sew it.  I plan to unofficially follow along (since Golarion isn’t exactly “historical”) by researching the historical and geographical parallels to Golarion.  Unfortunately,  my sewing time is spoken for, so I won’t be doing as much of that as I’d like.  I’ll also write on other random Galarion-Fashion related topics.

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