That Hat — Part 3

(Who knew there was a part 3?)

A couple of weeks ago, I spent 3 awesome days at PAX East doing what I do best: playing Pathfinder and looking at hats.  No really. Who would have expected a gaming con to sell Awesome Adventuring (well, if you’re from Taldor, anyway) Hats?

That HatThe folks at The Blonde Swan were selling (along with their fezzes and steampunk goggles) feathered hats in fashionable colours.  They have better pictures on their site so go check them out (NAYY), but here’s a super grainy phone pic. Pretty close to the original, no?  Except the colour and the small brim.  Luckily, they also had a mauve one, like the wizard’s.

It was definitely the most unexpected thing I saw at PAX.


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