Challenge Accepted, Mr Schneider

Over on his tumblr, Wes Schneider issued an invitation/challenge/plea to the folks at Dungeons and Fashion (the ones who know the secrets of how to dress like a gelatinous cube) to create outfits for the Pathfinder Iconics, starting (of course) with Seltyiel.  The post is here.

Strangely, it never occurred to me to dress the Iconics, probably because they already have such well defined looks and the Evil Queens/Empyreal Lords are a more abstract extrapolation of the regional fashion.

I’m not the Dungeons and Fashions folks, but here goes. Pulled from the runways of the world, these are the looks I see Seltyiel wearing. Apologies in advance, these are Rule 63 Seltyiel (mostly), because I just don’t follow men’s fashion that closely.

These were the most literal interpretations of his look:

selt_literal_1 selt_literal_2

The one on the left is Emanuel Ungaro, the one on the right is Alexander McQueen (spring 2011 ready to wear).  I was trying to capture the tattered, adventure-worn look of the original art, so don’t look too closely at the McQueen, it’s made up of intricately cut leaf patterns.  (Maybe I’ll recycle it when I do Lini?)

Moving on to the spirit of Seltyiel’s look. These are all by Gareth Pugh.  I could have saved a lot of time and just linked to his page on and said “Anything from here”.  Seltyeil is practically his muse, especially the Fall 2011 and 2012 collections. I could see him wearing a lot of those collections, but these ones the most:

sel4 sel3 sel2

If you doubt his ability to rock a leather jacket and chiffon palazzo pants, I give you this (Also Gareth Pugh):


Here’s my Pinterest page where I collected the images for this, if you’re curious.

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