Dress The Iconics — Crowe

Crowe is the new Bloodrager iconic.


Chanel Fall 2008 Couture

The literal interpretation of Crowe’s look comes from Chanel. Because isn’t that what you think of when you think of raging barbarian? Actually, some of Lagerfeld’s recent work with the line has brought out the raging barbarian in some (he’s responsible for the Evil Queen of Hoth insanity), so it may be an appropriate choice after all.  The dress is grey and linear sort of evokes Crowe’s lamellar armour.  (Chanel Fall 2008 couture)


Diana Eng 2010


A big feature in Crowe’s story is the occurance of violent storms that accompany his rages.  Here’s a lightening storm in dress form, courtesy of Diana Eng. (Too literal?)




croweRodarte gave me the most Shoanti looking thing I found.  The styling helps a lot with that, this was probably chosen as much for the clothes as for the fake tats. Rodarte Spring 2010, Ready to Wear.




Dress the Iconics — Oloch

‘New Icon Thursday’ has come and gone, giving us Oloch, the half orc warpriest. There are no new ways of saying “awesome iconic, awesome backstory”, and there are 7 more to cover, so let’s just take that as given.  Paizo made flail snails cool and cloakers sympathetic, so obviously the iconics are going to rock.

The most notable characteristics I wanted to capture in Oloch’s look were his bulk and the hardness and angular shapes in his armor. No flowing chiffon with a nipped in waist for Oloch.


Louis Vuitton Fall 2011 Ready to Wear


The literal interpretation of Oloch’s look is this Louis Vuitton skirt from Fall 2011 ready to wear. (Warning, you might not want to click the link, as the full outfit is very un-orcish.  The skirt is the only good part. The complete look is, in fact, nipped in at the waist.)




Yoshi Yamamoto Fall 2013 Ready to Wear


This look (Yohji Yamamoto, Fall 2013 ready to wears) contains all three of my Oloch characteristics and then adds a purse that matches his flail. (Flail-purse is the new flail snail?)





Three more looks for Oloch (including one actually made from a metallic fabric!):


(Alexander Wang Fall 2013 Ready to Wear, Gianfranco Ferré Fall 2011 Ready to Wear, Christopher Kane Spring 2012 Ready to Wear)

More hard, angular looks for Oloch on Pinterest.

Dress the Iconics — Quinn

Quinn the stylish investigator iconic was revealed this week. He lists three things he needs to change the world.  Obviously, the most important is “a stylish coat”.



I’m not gonna lie.  The prospect of finding a literal interpretation of Quinn’s coat on the runways was daunting.  Long, camel coat with silver plates sewn onto it?  But Burberry Prorsum to the rescue (Fall 2013 Ready to Wear).  It doesn’t capture Quinn’s essence though.


I’m embarrassed by how long it took me to make the connection between “Stylish Coat” and “Investigator”.  Sherlock Holmes, Philip Marlowe, Harry Dresden — all investigators with really great coats.

Taking the Philip Marlowe Classic Trench direction, it’s no surprise that Burberry and Hermès always have fantastic cots on their runways.

quinn1 quinn3 quinn2

(Hermès Fall 2012 Ready to Wear, Burberry Prorsum Spring 2006 Ready to Wear, Burberry Prorsum Fall 2013 Ready to Wear)

Ultimately, this is the look that, to me, is most Quinn-like:



Dolce & Gabanna Fall 2006. It’s a dramatic coat (or is it a cape? Hard to tell)  That covers a waistcoat surprisingly similar to Quinn’s (Is it a remnant of his previous life in Taldor?)  All she needs is a sword cane.

I really hope that’s stylish enough to help Quinn change the world.

Stylish coats for Quinn on Pinterest.

No Pressure

It’s “New Iconic Thursday”, which means soon I’ll have another “Dress The Iconics” post.

Just like last week it’s an awesome story and an awesome portrait of Quinn, the investigator. Go read it. Now.  Especially that last sentence.

“a man needs only three things to change the world: a quick wit, a righteous heart, and a stylish coat.”

Sooooo….. The fate of Golarion depends on choosing an especially stylish coat for Quinn? No pressure.

Amiri — Dress the Iconics

Easiest DTI post ever. I found this image when I was looking for something else and it screamed Amiri.

amiriNicholas K Fall 2014. She’s even got the right hair.

The rest of the collection works equally well, it seems designed specifically for nomadic people in the freezing  Realm of the Mammoth Lords who want to wear all their clothes at the same time, and still show off their abs.

Since this one was so easy, the Pinterest page is sad and lonely. But it’s there for completeness.

Dress the Iconics — Jirelle

We got our first look at the one of the iconics from the upcoming Advanced Class Guide this week. Jirelle, the swashbuckler (gunslinger/fighter mix).  She looks amazing and has a really cool story to boot. Speaking of boots….. aren’t they awesome?

As pointed out in the discussion, there’s almost as much Taldor in her outfit as The Shackles.

jirelle_litThis is the most literal interpretation of her look I found, without going full-on pirate couture. (*cough* McQueen Spring 2003 *cough* Gaultier Spring 2008 Ready to Wear) This is from L’Wren Scott’s Spring 2010 Collection. Give her a cape and boots, and she IS Jirelle.  Light puffy sleeves under leather armor.  Rows and rows of covered buttons. The requisite pop of colour.



jirelleChoosing from the more literal pirate couture looks, I’m going with this from Jean Paul Gaultier’s Fall 2004 Couture collection. Boots, gloves, hat, cape, sufficiently worn in-looking.  Sadly, she would not fit in in Taldor.





More swashbucklery goodness, courtesy of L’Wren Scott:

358a6e9458ed8191f78bc32f9bcd3dd3 38b3888ca65c05a34f23cd43bc9f9a7f e2b548da17e42913e86a0f71d4c7707a

(Fall 2007 Ready to Wear, Fall 2013 Ready to Wear, Spring 2008 Ready to Wear)

00100fullscreenL’Wren Scott really captures the swashbuckler essence.  Even her super girly, pink suits have a swagger to them. I can’t quite imagine Jirelle as a Lady who Lunches, but if she was, she’d wear this.  Such is the power of the jaunty hat.  Like the first image, this is from Scott’s 2010 Spring collection.




The oblig. pinterest board with other Jirelle appropriate outfits.

Challenge Accepted, Mr Schneider

Over on his tumblr, Wes Schneider issued an invitation/challenge/plea to the folks at Dungeons and Fashion (the ones who know the secrets of how to dress like a gelatinous cube) to create outfits for the Pathfinder Iconics, starting (of course) with Seltyiel.  The post is here.

Strangely, it never occurred to me to dress the Iconics, probably because they already have such well defined looks and the Evil Queens/Empyreal Lords are a more abstract extrapolation of the regional fashion.

I’m not the Dungeons and Fashions folks, but here goes. Pulled from the runways of the world, these are the looks I see Seltyiel wearing. Apologies in advance, these are Rule 63 Seltyiel (mostly), because I just don’t follow men’s fashion that closely.

These were the most literal interpretations of his look:

selt_literal_1 selt_literal_2

The one on the left is Emanuel Ungaro, the one on the right is Alexander McQueen (spring 2011 ready to wear).  I was trying to capture the tattered, adventure-worn look of the original art, so don’t look too closely at the McQueen, it’s made up of intricately cut leaf patterns.  (Maybe I’ll recycle it when I do Lini?)

Moving on to the spirit of Seltyiel’s look. These are all by Gareth Pugh.  I could have saved a lot of time and just linked to his page on style.com. and said “Anything from here”.  Seltyeil is practically his muse, especially the Fall 2011 and 2012 collections. I could see him wearing a lot of those collections, but these ones the most:

sel4 sel3 sel2

If you doubt his ability to rock a leather jacket and chiffon palazzo pants, I give you this (Also Gareth Pugh):


Here’s my Pinterest page where I collected the images for this, if you’re curious.