Shameless Plug — Masquerade Ball

OMG guys!  Buy my .pdf! It comes out on tomorrow from Raging Swan:  “Campaign Events: Masquerade Ball“.  It’s about clothes.  Obviously.  I mean there’s NPCs and plot hooks, but it’s mostly clothes.  It’s full of scary and elegant masks and costumes.  I had such a blast writing it, and re-watching Labyrinth, “for research purposes” only, of course.

I hope you like it!

Fashion Goblin:  Thinking too much about clothing, so you don’t have to.

To get you excited about it,  here are some gorgeous masked looks from the runway.

maskedball01 maskedball02 maskedball03

(Armani Privé, Spring 2011 Couture; Christian Dior Sprint 2011 Couture; Tex Saverio Jakarta 2014)

More Pinterest inspiration.